Sunday, January 17, 2010

Egg - the versatile ingredient

Hmmm... I love boiled eggs, egg masala, plain omelette, cheese omelette, tomato omelette, egg scramble, cake, custard, pancakes, crepes, pudding ....mmmm my mouth is watering just at the thought of these delicacies and all are simple and easy to prepare. And all of them are egg based.
  Egg is a versatile ingredient because it is an emulsifier, gives fluffiness in cakes, blends well with other ingredients, lends good taste.
  Egg is used in mayonnaise to mix the oil the oil and vinegar and hold them. An eggless mayo can never be as good as the one with egg.
  It is the same case with cake too. Eggless cake needs condensed milk and more baking powder. Thus cake with egg in it has more natural products and cost effective too.
When cooked alone does not need to many ingredients to make it tasty unlike non-veg and veg food which generally need seasoning, spices oil etc.
  But boiled egg can be eaten even without salt and what more it is wholesome food! But it must be eaten with bread or other carbohydrate source to make it whole.


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    Yep, the egg is such a versatile ingredient and a dish unto itself. We made a great eggs benedict this morning. Yum!