Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eat and let Eat

This is probably the most important subject people should learn about in these days.
People seem to be thinking eating is a crime and waste of time and eating desserts an unpardonable sin! Even our Gods are sweet toothed yar! Always in Indian festivals and pujas the main offering or naivedyam is a sweet dish, surely there is a reason to attach importance to it.
  If people sit at a table together in a warm and friendly atmosphere and share their food joyfully there is nothing to worry about the ill effects of food.  And even if you are eating heavy foods or weight gaining foods if you are eating eat wholeheartedly and don't let guilt creep in.
   The presence of element of love and absence of guilt is important to digest all foods and give health than all the nutritions newspapers and magazines speak of. Even the most nutritios food will not do any good when eaten with disturbed state of my mind while even food laden with sugar, preservatives and added color can be beneficial when offered or eaten with love.
 People from our older generation ate together at a big table table and the families were often big ones with three different generation, there was a lot of joy and laughter at the dinner table. Nowadays all that is a forgotten story. Televeision sets have become the centre of the household, families are nuclear in nature, food is had in front of the TV with the dominant member in family switching channels using the remote and nobody concentrating on what they are eating.

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