Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tips on how to make the best idlis and dosas

  • For the best idlis that turn out light as cotton wool, try using what is sold as Salem rice.This rice used in a 1:3.5 proportion with udad dal, makes the best idlis.
  • The second tip is to aerate the batter really well with your hand for at least 10 mins after it comes out of the mixer.
  •  And the final one is not to mix the batter in the morning before ladling it out onto the idli do that and all the carefully built up air is lost and the idlis will never be the same. 

Crispness for dosas - a little bit of besan added to the batter or a couple of tbsps of soaked chana dal added to the rest of the ingredients gives it a nice crisp.

Sugar and methi seeds in the dosa batter gives the dosa it's golden colour. For masala dosa Soak 3 cups Sona masuri rice, 1cup urad dhal,1/2 cup toor dhal, a handful of channa dal and beten rice each,a tsp of methi seeds. Grind and add salt and sugar to the batter .

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